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16II holder

Filter Holder for 16II

The 16II is a very flexible camera. Having a 1/500 shutter speed and F16 aperture, it can handle 400asa film. This allows for a wider range of filters to be used.

Ted Rosenberg in his book on the Minolta 16s suggested that gelatin filter material could be used to create a wider range of filters. I found some Kodak Wratten filters and began experimentations. My first approach was to use double-sided sticky tape but the tape tended to lift off during use.

It became obvious that a filter holder was the way to go - Cokin for the 16II.

Using modelerís polystyrene sheet (1.5mm and 0.5mm) I constructed what can be seen below.  The very rough plans are also here.


on_camera02 on_camera202
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