This is a site about the cameras that I have and that I use and the photosgraphs taken with them, plus the accessories that go with them. It is an ego trip that only the Web allows us to have.

I have been taking pictures for a long time and, thanks to my sister, I have the negatives of the first roll of film I ever took with the family Kodak Brownie. I was about 11. She has the prints of these and those of what was probably the second roll I took.

The camera I do not have is the 35mm rangefinder Ricoh 500 that was used by the father for many years. It took thousands of slides across Australia and the rest of the world. Unfortunately it was thrown away when it failed. I still have many accessories for it.

I bought my first camera in 1962, a Praktica IV. Since then I have found, been given or bought some 80 cameras. Most of these I still have and are included on this site. I am not a collector, rather I like to get cameras that need help, bring them up to scratch and use them (well, at least once).

The site has been in continuous development since 2006. It will be filled in as time and other activities permit.

Selby Markham

Have a look at my photo gallery.

Some links to fascinating and/or useful web sites and web stores:

      Bryan Mccansh’s for an excellent light seal kit and foam sheets.

             David Foy -  The Frugal Photographer




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